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Spend less time raking your leaves this season

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Lawn Care Broken Arrow also provides fast and efficient leaf removal services. Gone are the days where you have to keep up with the task of removing leaves from your lawn yourself.  

With our leaf removal services, we will blow your leaves from your property and haul them away for you.  We take your leaves from your home or business and dispose of them in a landfill (turns them into compost).

We will blow out all of your leaves from areas where they accumulate. Some of the common areas that we blow out include gardens, walkways, driveways and behind trees. Using our professional equipment and leaf loader, we will professionally pick up your leaves and take them away from your property.

Broken Arrow Leaf Pick Up

Many customers choose to pick up their own leaves. No problem! We can come and pick up your leaves and dispose of them for you. Leaves can stack up rather quickly, so getting rid of them is not always easy. We can pick them up for you and take the hassle away from you. All you have to do is pile your leaves near the curb and then we take care of the rest!

$75 – $90 depending on amount of leaves to dispose.


All yards are different so we do bill by the hour.

$135/hour – 3 man crew
$40 dump fee

Owasso Leaf Removal

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